Forms for providing information on the Argo project

You can easily contribute to the common cause. Will provide information known to you for our database. By providing information, you remain anonymous, we do not collect personal data. Contact information for feedback can be left at your own request.

Provide information about artifacts

In this form, you can provide information about items of material culture that were seized by Russia. Among such objects, we include things that were lost by the Ukrainian people both as a result of the modern Russian-Ukrainian war and in previous historical periods. Everything must be documented and returned.

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Provide information about the facility that suffered as a result of the aggression of the Russian Federation

As a result of the annexation and the war, a large number of real estate objects were damaged and lost. Historical heritage, in particular, historical and cultural monuments and museum and exhibition premises, did not escape a difficult fate. These crimes need to be documented for further legal action and reparations.

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Provide information about the criminal


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