Argo Project

After Ukraine's victory over the aggressor, it will be time to return the looted and compensate for the destroyed. This process should not be a surprise for the state, like December snow for Ukrainian utility workers.

The Agro project focuses on the cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine. In the center of our attention are works of art, historical artifacts, archaeological finds, jewels, bibliophile rarities and other possessions of the Ukrainian people that fell into the hands of the enemy.

Our initiative is designed to prepare the basis for this. Together, we are trying to document information about our heritage that is in danger of being lost.

We are convinced that nothing should be forgiven to our enemy. The Russian Federation, or what remains of it, must return what was stolen and compensate Ukraine for what was destroyed. Evil must be punished, so we pay special attention to personalities involved in this lawlessness. People who violated professional ethics, Ukrainian and international legislation must bear responsibility. As a result, Russian "specialists" should be banned from the international cultural and scientific environment.

Having returned the Ukrainian heritage, we will forever defeat Russian chauvinism. Racists will no longer be able to manipulate historical facts, relying on misappropriated artifacts. Join the project, together, brick by brick we will build a solid foundation for it.