About the project

The Russian-Ukrainian war is, without exaggeration, world-viewing. The war of cultures and fundamental civilizational values. The largest military conflict since the Second World War takes place in all dimensions and is called hybrid for a reason.

One of the factors that made the active phase of the war possible is the enemy's constructed cultural ground. Relying on distorted and mystified historical facts, Russia convinced their people of a fictitious right to "historical Russian" lands, of fictitious greatness. Ideologues of ruschism used looted Ukrainian heritage that was called "Russian" for centuries. The gold of the Scythians, princely swords and armor, Cossack kleinods, manuscripts, brilliant paintings and much more is in the ages-old captivity of Russian chauvinists. Returning our history to us will destroy the colossus of Russian imperialism.

Our project is particularly part of the informational war, in which the positions of the Russians are very strong. Thanks to unlimited resources, Russians promote their narratives in the cultural space on the international stage. With scarce resources, Ukraine can respond only with the forces of civil society, which are slightly superior to the Russian ones. Thanks to human initiative and volunteerism, we held the front, so we will hold our positions and win on the cultural front.

The database is filled by everyone. Among the activists of the Argo project are both professional historians, art critics and ordinary citizens who want to join the important cause and have information. You can submit information through a special form on the website, it will be moderated and posted on the portal.

We are open to cooperation with other organizations. We are guided by a great goal. Together, it will be easier to accomplish what we planned.

Glory to Ukraine!